Behave Yourself (1951)

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“Behave Yourself!” is a classic crime-comedy film from 1951 directed by George Beck and starring Farley Granger and Shelley Winters. The film revolves around a newlywed couple, Bill and Kate, who adopt a lost dog, but soon find themselves embroiled in a criminal conspiracy.

After bringing the dog home, the couple discovers that it was previously owned by a gangster, and its collar contains a valuable diamond. When the gangster comes looking for the dog, he mistakes Bill for a private detective and hires him to retrieve the diamond.

As Bill tries to solve the case, he encounters a variety of colorful characters, including a nightclub singer, a shady private detective, and a psychotic killer. Along the way, he and Kate find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations and must work together to outsmart the criminals and stay alive.

Despite the danger, the film is filled with comedic moments, particularly the interactions between the bumbling Bill and his witty wife Kate. Ultimately, the couple manages to solve the case and turn the tables on the criminals, ending the film on a satisfying note. “Behave Yourself!” is a charming and entertaining film that remains a classic of the crime-comedy genre.

George Beck

George Beck, Frank Tarloff

Farley Granger, Shelley Winters, William Demarest

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