Back-Room Boy (1942)

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“Back-Room Boy” is a 1942 British comedy film directed by Herbert Mason and starring Arthur Askey, Anne Shelton, and Peter Graves.

The film follows the story of Arthur Pilbeam, a hapless scientist who is recruited to work for the British government during World War II. Pilbeam is tasked with developing a new secret weapon, but his experiments repeatedly fail, leading to frustration from his superiors.

Despite his lack of success, Pilbeam remains determined to contribute to the war effort, and eventually comes up with a breakthrough idea that could change the course of the war. However, his invention is stolen by a group of German spies, who try to take it back to Germany.

Pilbeam sets out on a madcap adventure to retrieve his invention, with the help of his colleague, Anne, and a dashing pilot named Peter. Along the way, they encounter a series of humorous obstacles and challenges, including a car chase and a high-flying aerial battle.

In the end, Pilbeam and his team are able to outsmart the German spies and retrieve the invention, securing a major victory for the British war effort. The film ends with Pilbeam being hailed as a hero, and his colleagues recognizing the value of his unconventional methods and unique approach to science.

Overall, “Back-Room Boy” is a delightful comedy that captures the spirit of British resilience and determination during World War II. It features the trademark humor and wit of Arthur Askey, one of Britain’s most beloved comedians, and is a charming and entertaining tribute to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the British people.

Herbert Mason

J.O.C. Orton, Val Guest, Marriott Edgar

Arthur Askey, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt

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