Aerial Gunner (1943)

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“Aerial Gunner” is a World War II film released in 1943, directed by William H. Pine and starring Richard Arlen and Chester Morris. The film tells the story of a group of aerial gunners who are sent on a mission to bomb a Japanese base in the Philippines.

The film begins with the introduction of the main character, Sergeant Johnny Cates (played by Richard Arlen), who is a veteran aerial gunner. Cates is assigned to a new crew, led by Captain Jeff Young (played by Chester Morris), and together they embark on a dangerous mission to bomb a Japanese base in the Philippines.

As they make their way to the base, the crew encounters various challenges, including enemy fire and mechanical difficulties. Despite these obstacles, they manage to successfully drop their bombs and return to their base.

However, the crew soon discovers that their mission was not as successful as they had thought, and they must return to the Philippines to finish the job. This time, they face even greater challenges, including a Japanese fighter pilot who is determined to take them down.

In the end, the crew manages to complete their mission and return safely to their base. The film ends with Cates and his crew receiving praise for their bravery and skill, and with a message of hope for victory in the war.

William H. Pine

Maxwell Shane, Jack F. Dailey

Richard Arlen, Chester Morris, Amelita Ward

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