A Romance of the Redwoods (1917)

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“A Romance of the Redwoods” is a silent romantic drama film released in 1917, directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Mary Pickford as the lead character, Jenny Lawrence.

The movie is set in California during the Gold Rush era and follows the story of Jenny, a young woman who has been raised in a wealthy family in the city. Jenny falls in love with a handsome prospector named David Applegate, who comes to town seeking his fortune. Despite the objections of her family, Jenny decides to run away with David and start a new life in the rugged and untamed Redwood forest.

Once in the forest, Jenny and David face numerous challenges, including the harsh environment, dangerous animals, and hostile Native American tribes. However, they persevere and build a successful homestead together. Along the way, they also encounter a group of criminals who are attempting to smuggle stolen goods through the forest. Jenny and David work together to thwart the criminals and protect their home.

As Jenny and David settle into their new life together, they must also confront the prejudices and social conventions that threaten to tear them apart. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to each other and to their life in the Redwoods.

“A Romance of the Redwoods” was a popular film in its time, and it helped to establish Mary Pickford as a major star in Hollywood. The movie’s themes of adventure, romance, and overcoming obstacles in a rugged wilderness setting continue to resonate with audiences today.

Cecil B. DeMille


Cecil B. DeMille, Jeanie Macpherson

Mary Pickford, Elliott Dexter, Tully Marshall

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